Learn More About Killeen Wrecker Service

Our company offers a wide range of towing services that include wrecker truck service, heavy duty towing, tow truck, recovery towing and flatbed towing to ensure that we are able to help any driver or motorist who finds themselves stranded on the road. Additionally, we offer a 24-hour tow truck service to make sure you are able to receive assistance at any time.

We know that there are many people who need to be on the road late at night or during weekends and holidays, and car troubles or accidents may strike at any time. That is why we are always standing by to provide towing and roadside assistance to our customers.
Area of Service

Unlimited Towing provides towing and roadside assistance for the Killeen, TX, Cooperas Cove TX, Fort Hood TX, Harker Heights TX, Nolanville TX, Belton TX, Temple TX and surrounding area. Whether you are stuck on a rural country road or right in the heart of downtown, our trucks can be there to provide you with assistance and we can offer you the most affordable towing rates.

Roadside Assistance, Accident Vehicle Recovery, ​Illegally Parked or Abandoned Vehicles

Roadside Assistance

The side of the road can be a lonely place. We know that drivers just want to be on the way, and any problems such a flat tire, empty gas tank, or a "check engine" light can prevent them from getting where they need to be. We'll make sure you receive prompt and professional help from our knowledgeable and friendly driver technicians to get you and your car safely to your destination. Our vehicles have the tools and equipment to address most common issues, including dead battery jump start, flat tire changes, and gas refill.

Accident Vehicle Recovery

Car accidents can vary in severity, but even a slight fender bender can quickly derail your day. If you have been in an accident and need help to recover your vehicle or move your vehicle safely out of the path of oncoming traffic, give Killeen 24 towing service a call. We will be on scene in a timely and reliable manner to assist. Let us know if you require a specific type of truck for your vehicle. We have flatbed trucks as well as heavy-duty trucks to assist upon request.

Illegally Parked or Abandoned Vehicles

Drivers who illegally park on private property can cost business owners a significant amount of money over time. To deal with illegally parked or abandoned vehicles, contact our licensed tow truck company to help you safely remove the vehicles in violation, and handle the problem in the proper manner. We make sure that any illegally parked or abandoned cars are towed in accordance with local laws to ensure our customers will not be liable for any problems.

Heavy Duty Towing, Flatbed Towing, ​Motorcycle Towing

Heavy Duty Towing

For trucks, buses, or larger vehicles, a standard tow truck may not be able to safely tow your vehicle. You need a heavy-duty tow truck to assist you in getting your vehicle off the road and transported to the appropriate place for repairs or maintenance. Call us if you require assistance with heavy-duty towing. We will make sure a heavy-duty truck is dispatched to your location to help you with your vehicle.

Heavy Duty Towing is a difficult job that requires great skill and expertise. We want you to feel confident that our operators are providing you with detailed service to protect your heavy-duty vehicle or machine. Our top of the line equipment and highly trained, experienced technicians will deliver a no hassle towing service.

Effective heavy-duty towing relies on rigorous training and a confident expert. We are also pleased to offer heavy hauling services which means that we will be able to tow your vehicle, machine, object with ease and eliminate the need to close down several lanes of traffic. We are ready and willing to aid you in your heavy duty towing needs!

Another towing service we are pleased to provide is heavy duty towing. Regardless of reason, we understand the undue stress when needing to call for heavy duty towing. There are a lot of factors that come into play: size of the vehicle, location of the vehicle, state of the vehicle.

Our professionals are able to field your questions and analyze the scenario even before arrival. We anticipate a variety of glitches and are quick to problem solve. Our heavy-duty towing service is state of the art to help you out of a difficult situation.

Bus & RV Towing
At Unlimited Towing, we are able to provide you with heavy duty towing services for your bus and RV. When the need for a tow truck arises, panic can ensue especially when traveling in an RV with the family.

We are here to provide you with a piece of mind and efficient service to get back on the road. Our skilled technicians are able to help you with routine towing, off-road assistance, roll-overs, and collision related incidents. We want to ensure the best possible outcome when faced with a difficult situation.

Equipment & Machinery
When working on a deadline at a job site, one of the worst things that can happen is one of your pieces of equipment breaking down and interfering with the completion time.

Call on us if you happen to need a towing service for your equipment of machinery. Needing to call a tow truck for heavy duty equipment and machinery can seem like a headache because of the logistics involved. Our professionals have the experience and tools to get your equipment and machinery safely to the intended location whether that’s transporting it to the job site or towing it off site.

Flatbed Towing

For vintage cars, exotic cars, or other prized vehicles that require special handling and gentle transfer, our company offers flatbed towing. With flatbed towing, you will not have to worry about your car sustaining wear and tear during its transport from one location to another. To find out more about flatbed towing or request a flatbed tow truck, contact us by telephone or email. You can trust our driver technicians to treat your car with great care and respect during the towing process.

Motorcycle Towing

We are also able to tow motorcycles for our customers upon request. If you have been in an accident or encounter problems with your motorcycle while out on the road, contact our towing company for assistance. We make sure that every vehicle, no matter how big or small, is carefully moved or transferred for our customers.

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​You can call us in the middle of the night or on Christmas Day, and we will be there fast. We understand the importance of always being available to our customers in the event of an emergency. Don't hesitate to call our towing company any time you need help – that is what we are here for. Call us directly to ensure you receive urgent assistance, or send us an email for more information about our towing services. We thank our friends at Edmond Fence Service for the fence installation Edmond OK at our yard